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Skincare mineral make-up

Decoderm mineral make-up

Decoderm gives more than 20 years answer the questions of women and now finds himself again to reveal a new dimension Beauty: Skincare and Haircare comes after MAKEUP CARE.
True beauty is so much more than just grooming. Therefore transforms DECODERM I CARE MAKEUP makeup to the final step of the treatment. Makeup is an integral part of the beauty of every woman tour, which begins in the salon and ends at the home. This is due to the products with high tolerance and proven effectiveness.
DECODERM MAKEUP I CARE is a complete line of tested products paraben and fragrance free to minimize the risk. Allergies Rich in active ingredients in concentrations funcionele to take care of this to offer. Treating the skin effect A good makeup is the finishing touch to the presentation. For a professional makeup that its promises.

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Priori mineral make-up

The Priori CoffeeBerry 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals provide a cool make-up base and optimal cover of irregularities on the skin. The CoffeeBerry ® extract has a skin lightening anti-aging effect, which make your skin look younger every day shows. This 100% natural mineral foundations guarantee the ultimate combination of a perfect gift and breathable make-up base and ... remarkable skin improvement!

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