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Dermaroller treatment

What is a Dermaroller® (Micro needling roller)?

Dermaroller Therapy is a revolutionary treatment of micro-surgical neeldling. Micro Needling Therapy is a medical data, arising from various medical and scientific studies, and can only be safely performed by certified medical equipment. The Medical Dermaroller contains 192 microscopic needles.
Please note: we only work with the original DermaRoller procedures carried out with a micro needling instrument which has an ISO 13485 certificate for medical purposes. The Dermaroller guarantees the quality of treatment with spectacular results.

The operation of the Dermaroller.

Dermaroller is rolled over the skin. This creates thousands of microscopic perforations and channels in the skin. A great activity to cell division and production of new collagen and elastin fibers is due. Another advantage is that the skin up to 200x better able to incorporate active ingredients. The texture of the skin changes after only a few days and after 6-8 weeks its peak. Even then, a possible continuation therapy. The recommendation is 2-3 treatments for optimal results.The Advis is 2-3 treatments for optimal results. For deeper scars may be possible 5 treatments. For which skin after acne scar (small) s running is the Dermaroller the method to treat it.

For who is the Dermaroller treatment suitable?

The Dermaroller treatment is suitable as a natural alternative to Botox and injectables a surgical facelift or in addition to these cosmetic procedures.
Cosmetic procedures not improve skin texture itself. A dermaroller treatment makes it therefore possible to delay cosmetic procedures or to decrease the frequency of cosmetic surgeries. With the Home Care Dermaroller you can optimize the results achieved after a Dermaroller treatment.

FAQ about the Dermaroller treatment:

The results after a Dermaroller treatment:

The Dermaroller treatment results within six weeks in a marked improvement in skin texture and atrophic acne scars, large pores, burns, aging and sun-damaged skin, wrinkles and fine lines on face and neckline, stretch marks and scars.

Home Care Dermaroller®
To determine the effect of the Dermaroller ® treatment is to increase the Home Care Dermaroller. It also contains 192 needles but with a short length. The Medical Dermaroller only by trained practitioners and authorized clinics are conducted.

Prices per Dermaroller treatment

Entire face upto the jaw edge 255,00
The throat only 179,00
Entire face and throat 355,00
Throat and the V-line 355,00
Around the eyes 179,00
Decolleté 355,00
Entire face and the decolleté 509,00
Scars (per piece or 10 minutes) 76,00
Home Care Dermaroller
Large areas such as arms, legs and triae contact us
Is the dermaroller treatment painfull?
Before the first appointment we require an anesthetic cream which on prescription from your doctor you can request. We can supply you with a doctors letter. With this anesthetic cream you can comfortably undergo the treatment. On the upper lip and eye area you might experience more sensitivity.
How does the skin look after the treatment?
Immediately after the treatment the skin shows mild redness and slight swelling. The following days, the skin might show a slight desquamation whereby the first few days of good moisturizing cream should be used. Any redness may only be camouflaged with mineral makeup. In general, you can go to work the day after the treatment.

Dermaroller for skin improvement and skin rejuvenation