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Microdermabrasion treatment

What is Microdermabrasion?

Through a special vacuum technique microcrystals touch with old skin and dead skin cells and loose with the micro-crystals are removed. The new young skin cells and are thus on the surface. The main advantage of microdermabrasion is that it is much more intensive than a scrub and much safer than a chemical peel or herbs.
With microdermabrasion, nothing is injected into the skin or no chemicals used. The regenerative capacity of the skin, it will repair itself with new and young cells. The skin rejuvenates itself. The first result is already visible after one treatment. The result after a cure is unknown.

For what is Microdermabrasion suitable?

• Overall skin rejuvenation and wrinkle treatment
• Treating adhesions and scars on face and body
• Reducing large pores
• Refresh dull skin smokers
• Fade scars
• Illumination of dark pigmentation
• Fading of stretch marks / striae

The Micodermabrasion treatment:

Microdermabrasion treatment starts in relation to weekly treatments until the desired result is achieved. Depending on the purpose of the course can approximate the number of treatments are determined.

The Result after a Microdermabrasion treatment:
Immediately after the treatment you experience a slight tingling sensation of the skin and a possible occurrence of a slight discoloration (pink to red mildly) of the skin that disappears at the latest after 72 hours but mostly within 24 hours. The skin may possibly be camouflaged with a mineral powder. The first 48 hours after treatment, we recommend avoiding UV rays, heat treatments and swimming. Also, no skin care products may be used with fruit acids within 5 days.
During the first 10-14 days, one can experience a scaling of the skin, wherein the thickened stratum corneum is removed by the cell renewal of the skin. In addition, one experiences an immediate rejuvenation of the skin structure, improved skin tone and skin lifting.

Microdermabrasion for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal and reducing large pores

Prices per Microdermabrasion treatment

Microdermabrasion first treatment incl.products 129,50
Microdermabrasion per follow-up treatment 86,50
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Microdermabrasion treatment