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Brands we work with

Alexandre Fabelle

Thanks to a very high technological level, enter Alexandre Fabelle 
fytokosmetologische constant innovations. Through active constituents of plants to separate and stabilize knew Alexandre Fabelle a full range of effective, care products for face and body to work out. Alexandre Fabelle solves skin problems such as sensitive skin, rosacea and pigmentation.

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Dibi is entirely dedicated to the cosmetic research and continuous development of new beauty technologies. This Dibi is the number one in Italy in the professional beauty industry. Dibi offers exceptional skincare suitable for projects with high technological content. The Dibi METHOD is a future-oriented strategy that science excels at combat skin imperfections.

Only available at our salon.


JPR Men (by Lanèche) has skin care and treatment programs designed to optimize men's skin to nourish and protect. These professional products are used by your Beauty Expert Lanèche used in the treatment of male skin. Moreover, the JPR Men products available for everyday home use, so you can keep skin in optimum condition. The products themselves are closely matched, they complement and reinforce the action of another. A balanced combination.

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Lanèche Beauty Innovations

Lanèche presents its skin care and treatment program entitled Beauty Innovations. The products are based on the premise that it is not sufficient merely to nourish the skin. In Lanèche skin care products, in addition to administering balanced ingredients, the skin also encouraged them to work on recovery and renewal. The skin is active and fit, get a better structure and the aging process is slowed by a strong skin condition.

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PRIORI ® is a global leader in innovative patented anti-aging technologies,
delivered exclusively to professionals. PRIORI ® comes from the Latin word "a priori" and means "from cause to effect." The name exactly describes the theory for proper treatment against aging. By addressing the cause because you can achieve a much better result. That is precisely why PRIORI ® your priority when it comes to skin rejuvenation.

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Nutri Cosmetics / Beauty Supplements
The term Nutricosmetics refers to nutritional supplements that the health of the skin can be maintained. We can perhaps best be appointed as beauty supplements. They can affect the health of the skin from the inside maintained. Many vitamins and minerals are available for this purpose.
You should consider include omega-3 fats such as EPA and DHA, and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. There are many other vitamins and minerals that meet a health claim regarding maintenance of good health of body and skin.
LavieSage has a very full range of nutritional cosmetics / beauty supplements that can maintain good health. Of body and skin with consistent use Please visit the product pages for the various products that the health of body and skin to maintain

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In collaboration with the largest producer of Tea Tree Oil in Australia Courtin marketed in 1995 a special antiseptic skin and foot care line. The range of products makes the Courtin line perfect for salon treatments and daily skin care.
The Tea Tree products are very successful in treating various skin and foot problems. Medical research and practical use have proven that the effects of Tea Tree Oil wondrous and many problems can be cured.

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Decoderm minerale make-up/care

Decoderm is the first makeup line that the beauty of every woman designs, know your skin and protects . The Italian makeup brand Decoderm represents Decorative Dermatologic Cosmetic mineral based .

Decoderm gives more than 20 years to answer questions from women and now finds himself again to reveal a new dimension Beauty: Skincare and Haircare comes after cosmetic care .
True beauty is much more than just grooming . Therefore Decoderm transforms make-up/care make-up to the final step of the treatment.
Makeup is an integral part of the beauty of every woman tour, which begins in the salon and ends at home. This is due to the products with high tolerance and proven effectiveness .
Decoderm make-up/care is a complete line of products tested, paraben and fragrance free to minimize the risk. Allergies Rich in active ingredients in functional levels to take care of this offering. Treating a skin effect.  A good makeup is the finishing touch to the presentation. For a professional makeup that can make. Its promises.

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