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Acne treatment

Alexandre Fabelle Acne Method

For who is this acne treatment suitable?
For the skin with active (under the skin) acne pimples, blackheads, and inflammation.

The ance treatment:
The Acne Alexandre Fabelle method offers solutions for every skin acne in the short and long term. The treatment we take the first step that reduces the activity of all acne. To decrease the activity is to hold the products for the home continued this process which oil production is reduced and thus continuously inhibited inflammation and eventually decrease. Depending on the severity of the acne treatment will follow (and) in the lounge needed.

The result after an acne treatment:

The skin is cleansed of all impurities in depth and immediately feel cleaner and smoother.
Subcutaneous infections are better drained through the skin.

Price per ance treatment:

Alexandre Fabelle acne treatment € 59,00
Alexandre Fabelle Professional Botanical PeeL

For who is this Botanical Peel suitable?
For skin with regular impurities and the pores and pimples blemishes which has left behind.

The Botanical Peel treatment:
This peel gives amazing results for acne, oily skin and skin with large pores, but also in the post-acne skin blemishes. The peeling skin innovative works.
For a total skin rejuvenation with the old skin layer is completely goes away, we recommend a course of 3-7 weekly treatments. During the course, use Special Black Mask at home to reduce inflammation and after the course, use other products for this result to hold.

Result after a Botanical Peel treatment:
The day after the treatment, the skin will show flakes after which the skin daily feels smoother and more even and impurities are significantly reduced.

Price per Botanical Peel treatment:

Botanical Peel treatment € 98,00
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) acne treatment

For who is this IPL ance treatment suitable?
For skin that is local pustules and inflammation exhibits around the chin, the jaw edge or on the forehead. IPL is also suitable for treating acne on the neck, décolleté, chest or back.

The IPL acne treatment:
The IPL treatment is intended for people with mild to moderate acne. IPL has dosed the heat a positive effect on IPL. This results in less inflammation. The blue and green light from the IPL has a positive effect on bacteria which are thus destroyed. 2 times a week treatments should be repeated for at least 4 weeks.

Price per IPL acne treatment:

IPL forehead 46,00
IPL jawline and chin 79,00
IPL chin and throat 99,00
Dermaroller acne treatment

For who is this Dermaroller treatment suitable?
For skin with active acne has left its marks for years in the form of scars, pits and pores.

The Dermaroller treatment:
For acne scars on the face, the Dermaroller is the method to treat.
For more explanation about this treatment click here

Result after a Dermaroller treatment:
Within 6 weeks after the treatment the skin forms new collagen causing scars and enlarged pores from the inside is filled by the skin and the skin will show smoother and more even.

Price per Dermaroller acne treatment

Entire face up to the jaw edge 255,00
Throat 179,00
Entire face and throat 355,00
Throat and V-line 355,00
Treatment around the eyes 179,00
Decolleté 355,00
Entire face and decolleté 509,00
Scar (per piece or 10 minutes) 76,00
Large areas such as arms, legs and triae
on request
Acne products for home use also available in our webshop.

Result after an acne IPL treatment:

The activity of acne is reduced causing redness and swelling of pimples rapidly decreases.
Acne treatment