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News from the salon

Restyled website
Restyled website
September 16, 2015
Our website has got a different look but with the same functionality.
Now, it is for example also possible to like our responsive website.
There is now even more professional information on the site and various images have been replaced.
Do you have any suggestions or comments please let us know.

Meta Therapy. The latest innovation in the beauty industry.
Meta Therapy. The latest innovation in the beauty industry.
August 03, 2015
A new unique treatment is suitable for a variety of skin types, including dry to very dry skin, crackling skin, mature skin, skin damaged by example (too) much sun or a tanning bed, post-operative skin, smoker's skin or sagging skin.
Meta Therapy gives the same results as the skin improvement methods meso therapy, microdermabrasion, rollers and needling, but combined together into one technique. The big advantage of Meta Therapy, that there is hardly to no downtime, because the protective function of the epidermis is not affected. Meta Therapy may be applied to the entire face, face certain zones, and even quite focused on individual wrinkles.

Botox and Fillers
Botox and Fillers
September 17, 2014
Complementing our specialties is now possible to undergo Injectables Botox treatments by a reputable cosmetic doctor / dermatologist for competitive prices.
For the prices and to make an appointment, take a look at the page Botox and Injectables.

The Beauty Discountcard makes visiting Beaudermo even more fun!
The Beauty Discountcard makes visiting Beaudermo even more fun!
January 25, 2014
On the pass is a code so that you create a profile. Through this personal profile, you can shop at over 2300 different online stores and build up a credit with all your online purchases. This credit can be paid at any time you can spend with us. You will see your personal credit under 'cashback'. If you press "Uitbetalen" within 48 hours the money is booked at our bank account. You can also use your credit voucher in our collection with the purchase of a product or treatment. Read more...

Rosacea treatments
Rosacea treatments
November 21, 2013
Couperose / rosacea (red veins) in the face for many people is still a big problem. Often, the family doctor or dermatologist (a) may provide little information about the treatments with the result that one does not dare to take a treatment for fear of worse things. However, the opposite is true! When couperose namely is untreated, it may worse in the course of the years. With each client with rosacea we watch carefully how and what treatment is required. A few veins on the cheeks and / or nose requires a different approach than an 'all-over' diffuuse redness of the face. Rosacea requires the practitioner a subtle approach and therefore a thorough skin analysis. The treatment does not stop after you leave the salon; for at home, there are is follow-up care, and daily care that optimize the result of the treatment. This makes our rosacea treatments a great success with very satisfied customers even across the border.

Adding customer experience (reviews).
November 20, 2013
Under the tab reviews it is now possible to write down your experiences with BeauDermo on the site and express your experience with the world.
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