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Permanent hair removal of excessive hair growth on face and body

What is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)?

Flash IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is a bright beam of light which is capable of hairs in the growth phase to remove. Because not all hairs are in the same growth phase, multiple treatments are needed for a good result. The hairs are only a fraction of a second exposure to the flash, which all hairs in an area of 12.5 cm² affected. Before initiating treatment for permanent hair removal is always an appointment for an interview.

For who is IPL suitable?

IPL is for men and women and for young and old. However, young people who may not yet fully mature or still developing its new realization, hair removal is therefore not recommended in that group with the advice to wait until they physically mature.

The IPL laser treatment:

The results after an IPL laser treatment:

The skin may exhibit some redness after the treatment and might feel warmer feel, as a sunburn. Mainly with dark skin this may persist for several hours; with the white skin a mild redness is sometimes observable, but is often gone within an hour. Therefore, after an IPL treatment the skin always is cooled by us with an icegel.
Within two to four weeks, the skin will the affected hairs (the hairs which were in the correct phase during the treatment) repulse. The number of hairs that is located in the correct phase is an average of 60% of the total available hair growth. The best result of an IPL treatment can therefore be assessed after this period. A further treatment can take place for the face in 4-6 weeks and for the body in 6-8 weeks.

Prices per IPL laser treatment:

IPL treatment woman IPL treatment men
Entire face 105,00 Cheeks 35,00
Throat 45,00 Between the eyebrows 22,50
Entire face and throat 135,00 Top and sites of the eyebrows 40,00
Lower part face and throat 100,00 Cheeks and eyebrows around 70,00
Site of the face (besite ear) 40,00 Bottom part of the beard 35,00
Forehead 45,00 Neck 40,00
Upperlip 40,00 Chest 165,00
Upperlip and chin 50,00 Shoulders and upper part of the back 210,00
Armpits 40,00 Shoulders and upper parts of the arms 240,00
Bikini line 40,00 Shoulders and back 280,00
String line 60,00 Back without the shoulders 225,00
Brazilian 75,00
Lower part of the back 120,00
Lower part of the legs 280,00
Entire legs 350,00

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I am very happy with the results of the IPL. After 6 sessions my bikini line is perfect and the few hairs left in my armpits has been transformed in a light down. Nowdays I don't have to shave every week or wax every 3 weeks. My skin is soft and perfect at any time. No more worries if I have to wear a sleeveless dress or top. On the other hand, the relation quality/price is excellent. Caroline not only offer the best rate I found in the market in Den Haag but also a great service and professionalism. I highly recommend BeauDermo Professional treatment with good results.
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