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What is Meso & BB Glow?

A professional treatment in which visible skin improvement and regeneration (skin repair) is achieved. The dermapen (miconeedling) is used to make the skin accessible to the active ingredients. The skin stimulates the growth factors, which improves the skin structure.

What can we improve with Meso technology?

Scars caused by acne, pigmentation spots, wrinkles, dark circles around the eye, firming the skin (including cleavage and neck), lightening the tone, intensive hydration, smoothing the skin, refining large pores, reduction of blemishes and rosacea.

What are and do the BB Glow colored serums?

These are diluted pigments and remain in the epidermis. It gives your face a nice smooth and radiant effect without using real pigments.

Are the products safe?

This is a safe and effective way without damaging the skin. BB Glow (semi- permanent serum) is applied superficially into the skin by a special nano technique. Before BB Glow serum is applied, the booster serum necessary to improve the skin is first introduced using the meso technique (small needles, maximum 0.5 mm deep). The treatment is not painful.

The BB Glow serum has been extensively tested. The product fully complies with the safety requirements as drawn up in the EU. The serum is free of fragrances, alcohol, dyes and is allergen-free. This makes the product extremely suitable for long-term use. Aside from sensitive skin types, only one day’s worth of downtime is required. Any minor complications that may occur are slight redness for 2-3 hours on sensitive skin. Do not put on makeup for 48 to 72 hours. Preferably avoid water on the face as long as possible, also for the longer shelf life of the treatment.

What is the sequence of a Meso & BB Glow treatment?

First treatment

Second treatment after 14 days

Third treatment after 14 days

How long does the result last?

To maintain the effect in the skin for longer, we recommend a monthly treatment for 4 months. The effect can be seen for an average of 4 to 6 months depending on the skin type and how often the treatment is done. Alexandre Fabelle’s products are tailored to intensive skin-improving treatments and are also recommended for home use.

Treatment: Price per treatment:

Anti-aging neck and cleavage                 € 138

Dark circles around the eyes                  € 150

Dry dehydrated skin (young skin)           €   80

Pigment spots                                      € 109

Mature dry skin/wrinkles                       € 175

Oily skin                                              € 145

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