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Alexandre Fabelle younger looking energizing treatment

Ginseng elastin mask contains the active Ginseng. It is an over 2000 years old herb, used for its energizing and revitalizing properties. Together with the detoxifying and wrinkle-fighting properties of the Chinese Pearl Powder, the skin looks more vital and youthful after this treatment

Price:  € 99,00

Duration: 60 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle Luxerant

This treatment has a very strong lifting effect!
The skin feels tighter, more compact and comfortable.
Truly a treatment of which you can feel and see the result!
The ingredients collagen, hexapeptides and the Aloe Vera plus the Ultra therapy ensure this result.

Price: € 99,00

Duration: 60 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle Skin lift mask treatment

A treatment for sagging or lifeless wrinkly skin.
For those who want more firmness and volume for the skin.
This treatment gives visible results after just one treatment!

Price: € 99,00

Duration: 60 minutes

Alexandre Fabelle Caviar behandeling – Maximize your looks

A true “Coupe d’eclat-express-treatment”. This treatment makes your skin smooth and tight and takes away every trace of fatigue. In short: a week of vacation in a treatment of 50 minutes!

The treatment gives a very pleasant feeling and relaxes your features. You look wonderfully rested and relaxed. It calms, softens and brightens the complexion of your skin. The caviar extract promotes collagen formation and recovery in the tissues. Its own resistance is built up.

Price: € 120,00

Duration: 90 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle Exultation treatment

For normal, dull and coarse skin. Anti-aging.
A delightful treatment for sagging skin; the skin becomes firmer, finer in structure and above all gets a clearer complexion

Price: € 125,00

Duration: 90 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle Botanical Peel Anti-Ageing treatment

A natural ingredient peeling for every skin type

The Botanical Peel treatment gives amazing results in keeping your skin young. It makes your skin fresh, transparent, youthful, smooth and radiant. Botanical Peel works from within. Your skin has living skin cells inside and that’s what the peeling works on. The Botanical Peel puts the fibroblasts to work: these are the cells that make the skin firmer and more compact.

Always alternate your normal maintenance treatment with a Botanical Peeltreatment.

Price: € 145,00

Duration: 75 minutes


Priori smoothing eye treatment

Developed to achieve a rapid, visible reduction of the visible fine lines in the delicate eye area, combined with the use of Priori Eye Serum with a unique combination of active ingredients and gentle exfoliating action for a quick firming action.

Price: € 75,00

Duration: 30 minutes

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