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Alexandre Fabelle hydration treatment

Moisture treatment for dry, sensitive, normal, combination and mature skin. The Elastin Powder Mask makes the skin silky, soft and smooth. The skin feels wonderfully cool. The mask fades red spots. The Elastin Powder Mask is not only beautiful for the face but also excellent for decolletage treatments. Very suitable for sensitive skin. 

Price: € 99,00

Duration: 60 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle sirens Treatment 

For dry and/or sensitive skin. The enchanting song of the Sirens from ancient Greece seduced many men and… with this treatment you immediately get a beautiful transparent complexion that looks seductive!

Price: € 105,00

Duration: 60 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle ultimo hydration treatment

Moisture treatment for all skin types and skin with fine wrinkles.
The very sensitive skin also enjoys this treatment.  This treatment moisturizes and leaves the skin soft, smooth and cared for. The skin retains hydration for a long time, especially by using the products at home.

Price: € 120,00

Duration: 90 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle abundancy treatment

Oxygen treatment for complete relaxation, strengthening and a clear, transparent complexion. A treatment for skin that has tired features and wants to look rested, reduces fine wrinkles, strengthen the skin and increases the oxygen content in the skin. The oxygen ampoule used in the treatment supplies the skin with oxygen and allows the cells to breathe better. As a result, they give the skin a youthful look and the skin looks more relaxed. Oxygen Mask supports this effect and contains the nano-loaded particulate system that transports oxygen to the skin. Your skin will look beautiful, rested and toned after the treatment.

Price: € 125,00

Duration: 90 minutes


Alexandre Fabelle botanical peel treatment

A natural ingredient peeling for every skin type

The Botanical Peel treatment gives amazing results in solving your skin problems. It makes your skin fresh, transparent, youthful, smooth and radiant. Botanical Peel works from within. Your skin has living skin cells inside and that’s what the peeling works on. The Botanical Peel puts the fibroblasts to work: these are the cells that make the skin firmer and more compact. 

Always alternate your normal maintenance treatment with a Botanical Peel treatment

Price: € 145,00

Duration: 75 minuten


Priori “Peel it” treatment

Moisturizing treatment. A relaxed result-oriented treatment, which stimulates the skin’s moisture, deeply cleanses, exfoliates, refreshes and stimulates for a clear, soft, radiant-looking youthful skin. Ideal for very dehydrated stressed skin.

Price: € 85,00

Duration: 45 minutes


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