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The dermapen (miconeedling) is used to make the skin of acne scars, atrophic scars, scars after surgery, damage or accident and stretch marks accessible to the active ingredients of the serum. The growth factors of the skin are stimulated, which improves the skin structure.

The meso plasma vital serum is a biostimulant for the preventive and restorative processes of the skin.

The serum gives brightness, elasticity and compactness to the skin. It contains amino acids, organic compounds that combine to form proteins and help tissue repair; Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals by enhancing and activating collagen synthesis; it is a regenerator and skin repairer.

We work with the dermapen in combination with a Skin Softening Cream especially for thick, hard bonded scars. Hard adhered scars gradually dissolve with this. The client should also apply this product to the skin daily at home. This product should only be used in hard bonded scars.

Depending on the indication, 3 to 5 treatments are required with an interval of approximately 14 days.

Prices per scar/stretch mark treatment:

Small scar     < 2.5 cm2 49,00
Scar               > 2.5 cm2-< 5.0 cm2 80,00
Scar               > 5.0 cm2 100,00
Scar               > 5.0 cm2 Request a price
Stretch marks Request a price

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