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Botox treatments

Operation of Botox

Injections of Botox (Botulinum Toxin A) are used to reduce the strength of muscles in the skin. Wrinkles around the eyes (“crow’s feet”) on the forehead and the “frown wrinkle” are very suitable to be treated with Botox. Because the mimic muscles are less powerful the wrinkles smooth naturally.

The Botox treatment

Befort treatment you need no special measures. The Botox will direct inject the small muscles under the skin, causing the muscle to weaken and less wrinkles in the skin can be drawn. The effect manifests itself after a few days and lasts about 3-6 months. Repeated injections are needed for long-lasting results.

After the Botox treatment,

If you are treated you can do everything you did for your treatment.

Adverse after a Botox treatment

In the first period, the skin is swollen. This swelling gradually pulls usually within an hour away. Occasionally comes allergy to Botox. If this is the case, there is of course no longer treatment possible.
If Botox is not applied by an experienced doctor there is a risk that a drooping upper eyelid occurs. This however fully recovers within 4 months.
In the case of a pregnancy you can not be treated with Botox.

Botox by excessive sweating

Severe sweating under the arms, the hands and feet are also treated with Botox. After treatment by injections the sweating is decreased for six to nine months by 80 to 90%.

Prices per treatment

Armpits hyperhidrosis 50U 325,00
Armpits hyperhidrosis 100U 450,00
Hands hyperhidrosis 50U 325,00
Hands hyperhidrosis 100U 450,00
Feet hyperhidrosis 50U 325,00
Feet hyperhidrosis 100U 450,00

Injectable treatments

Treatment of wrinkles and folds using injectables

The treatment of wrinkles and folds is a decision that you create. The doctor may be able to advise you which treatment gives the best results. The entire face will be seen, such as the shape, the skin, the fullness and balance in aging between different parts of the face. Before treatment you will have without obligation and free of charge, an intake interview. It is then checked if there are no medical objections to a (injectables) treatment, the problem will be mapped and you get a personal advice. Then you can possibly get treatment immediately.

Wrinkle and folds formation

As we age the skin changes. The skin becomes softer, wrinkles and folds will exhibit and irregularities may occur. On the one hand, the aging of the skin is genetically determined and is often unavoidable. These internal aging unfortunately we can not do much. Advice as a balanced diet, vitamins, good blood flow and a good skin care can help. The aging of the outside is partly due to the way of life determined as constant stress, improper diet, alcohol and cigarettes. Secondly skin is quickly aged by the factor sunlight. A natural method to correct wrinkles and folds is treatment by means of derma fillers, as with Stylage and Ellansé.

The filler treatment

Duration of treatment is about 15-30 minutes. After the treatment you will see immediate results. It has been recommended to avoid for one week after the treatment excessive exposure to sun / ultraviolet radiation. After four weeks you come back for the next appointment.

Adverse after a filler treatment

Immediately after treatment, there may be some redness, swelling and sometimes creation of a blue spot. These effects will be left after 1-2 days. Stylage and Ellansé will fully be processed by the body. The fillers are completely safe and can not cause allergic reactions.

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