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Treatments for skin imperfections

• Fibroid
• Age Warts
• Moles
• Fat lumps (sebaceous cysts)
• Acne scars (see acne)
• Other elevation and skin outgrowth

The treatment for skin imperfections:

Treatments are short in duration and provide immediate results. In some cases, several treatments are required, depending on the amount of problem areas. Of course we are working with a high degree of expertise and safety. Furthermore it has exclusive use of disposable material so hygiene is ensured. The high frequency alternating current creates heat that flows through the very thin needle.

The results after the skin imperfection treatment:

In the case of (stem) warts, fat lumps etc., after the needle has done its operation a scab formed. The scab falls off after a few days, the skin underneath is smooth and pink and will fade over time nice. The beauty is that you see immediate results!

Treatment of pigmentspots and age spots

Pigmentation and age spots for the area to be treated slightly scraped with the needle. After that a small scrape, a scab forms. After some time this crust falls off and the spot disappeared. The skin discoloration then return to normal when. In order to optimize the result you can get advice how to support home treatment to prevent formation of new pigment. When in doubt about a skin imperfection we always refer to a doctor.

Prices per treatment to remove skin imperfections

Stemwarts, fibroids (maximum 10) 56,00
Fat lumps, sebaceous cysts (maximum 5) 56,00
Age warts (maximum 3) 48,50
Elevated pigment, mol fibroids (max.3) 48,50
Aftercare products for at home 9,20
For specific questions about skin imperfections please contact us

Skin Unevenness which safely and without scars can be removed are:

Skin imperfection treatment