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Rosacea treatment

Rosacea treatment with IPL

For who is this rosacea IPL treatment suitable?

For skin that is a constantly present diffuuse redness exhibits and / or skin with fine superficial vessels.

The rosacea IPL treatment:

The superficial capillaries by the energy of the light seared so the redness in the skin disappears. In most cases one will not suffer from the treatment experience. Side effects that may be expected temporary redness and / or small scabs. Treatment should be once every 3-4 weeks to be repeated. On average 5-6 treatments are needed to achieve the desired result. Throughout the course and 4 weeks after the last treatment, use a sunblock.

The result after a rosacea IPL treatment:

The skin has less redness and looks smoother and quieter, camouflage makeup is less or no longer needed.

Price per IPL rosacea treatment:

Rocasea IPL treatment € 110,00

Tele’way rosacea treatment

For who is this Tele'way treatment suitable?

For skin which exhibits clearly visible red veins. These veins should be treated. Proper energy IPL or laser treatment is not suitable for these veins because the veins both shallow and deep making IPL / laser often provides little to no result or the skin may even damage. With Tele'way we can treat each vein accurately so we can deliver better results without damage.

The rosacea Tele'way treatment:

Your skin is treated with a special seal of Alexander Fabelle cooling therapy. This strengthens the weakened artery wandjes and stop the leaking of blood vessels which prevent new veins and redness is reduced. After cooling therapy the visible veins coagulated with Tele'way device. Side effects that you can expect to be temporary swelling, redness and crusting of the treated areas.

The result after a Tele'way rosacea treatment:

Immediately after the treatment the veins are no longer visible. The skin should be cared for three days with two products that you will receive after the treatment.

Price per Tele'way rosacea treatment:

Tele'way treatment cheeks 95,00
Tele'way treatment nose 47,50
Tele'way treatment cheeks/nose 115,00
Tele'way follow up treatment 97,50
Tele'way partial treatment starts from 38,50

Rocasea/Couperose products for home use available in our webshop.

Rocasea treatment