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Pigment reduction

General information about the pigment treatment:

We offer various treatments for pigmentation. After a skin analysis, we propose a treatment plan for you which treatment is best for you and gives you the best results.

Pigment laser treatment

For who is this pigment laser treatment suitable?

For the skin which has flat not elevated light brown or dark brown pigment exhibits on face, chest or hands such as age spots or hyperpigmentation by the sun.

The pigment laser treatment:

Pigmentation, age spots and liver spots á la minute can now be removed with Q-Med Ecuri + laser. The KTP 532nm fractional lens yellowing rustles the interfering spots often a once in a brief treatment of a few minutes. The spots are 5 to 10 days by your own shed skin. After two weeks, the skin looks completely normal, as if there never have been pigmentation.
The Q-Med Ecuri + laser does not damage the skin and leave no scars.
Ideal for pigmentation clearly present on the hands and face.

The result after a pigment laser treatment:

Immediately after treatment, the pigment exhibits become darker because the pigment is loose. The skin surrounding the treated spots shows a mild redness. Under the influence of cell renewal crusting occurs and within 10-14 days or even earlier the loosened scabs with the pigment of the skin is discharged. During the recovery period, you use a vitamin A/D gel for the first 3 days and you have to keep the skin as dry as possible in order to promote recovery. Crusts may possibly be camouflaged with a mineral powder. After the scabs are gone, the skin shows light pink and the skin is vulnerable to the sun. Therefore you also need to protect the skin for several weeks after treatment with a sunblock.

Prices laser treatment small pigmentspots (about 0,5 cm²)

to 5 pigmentspots 61,00
6 to 10 pigmentspots 102,50
11 to 20 pigmentspots 127,50
21 to 40 pigmentspots 152,50
41 to 80 pigmentspots 178,00
81 to 160 pigmentspots 203,50
161 to 200 pigmentspots 229,00

Prices laser treatment large pigmentspots

Pigmentspots up to 10 cm² 102,00
Pigmentspots larger than 10 cm² contact us

Pigment Microdermabrasion treatment

For who is this pigment Microdermabrasion treatment suitable?

A microdermabrasion treatment with a view to level the pigment or the skin color is suitable for the white or very lightly colored thinner and drier blotchy skin. For combination to oily skin and dark skin with different skin tones we recommend glycolic peel or botanica peel for removing pigment or leveling the skin.

The Microdermabrasion treatment:

Through a special vacuum technique microcrystals touch with old skin and dead skin cells and loose with the micro-crystals are removed. New skin cells are young and therefore on the surface. Microdermabasie a treatment is suitable for a general picture of what skin hyperpigmentation has not uniformly making the skin tone more. After an initial course of three weekly treatments you can see how quickly your skin responds to treatment. On average there are 8 treatments to achieve the desired result.
Throughout the course and 4 weeks after the last treatment, use a sunblock.

The results after a pigment Microdermabrasion treatment:

Immediately after the treatment you experience a slight tingling sensation of the skin and a possible occurrence of a slight discoloration (pink to red mildly) of the skin that disappears at the latest after 72 hours but mostly within 24 hours. The skin may possibly be camouflaged with a mineral powder. The first 48 hours after treatment, we recommend avoiding UV rays, heat treatments and swimming. Also, no skin care products may be used with fruit acids within 5 days.
During the first 10-14 days, one can experience a scaling of the skin, wherein the pigment is removed by the cell renewal. In addition, one experiences an immediate rejuvenation of the skin structure, improved skin tone and skin lifting.
Pigment reduction products for home use available in our webshop.

Prices Microdermabrasion pigment treatment

Entire face 86,50
Entire face and throat 107,00
Lower part of the face (except forehead) 66,00
Pigment spot reduction